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Orion A37 Micro ATX Tower With Orion HP-500 Power & Front USB3.0
Part Number: A37


Our Price   $49.99
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Sale Price   $44.99
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  • Color:  Full black 
  • Front Ports: Standard with USB2.0+HD Audio, USB3.0 x1
  • Drive bays: 5.25''exposed x2, 3.5''hidden x3, 2.5'' SSDx2
  • Expansion slots: 7 
  • Fan Mount: rear 1x12cm, side 1x12cm, Front: 1x12cm
  • M/B Type: ATX, M-ATX motherboard
  • Power supply: HP-500 ATX PSU
  • Support VGA Card Length:   350mm
  • Support CUP Cooler height:  150mm



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