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Channel master CM1805 5FT-18 gauge, galvanized steel TV antenna mast.
Part Number: CM-1805


Our Price   $19.99


Channel Master
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The Channel Master CM-1805 Antenna Mast is an 18-gauge galvanized steel mast used for TV antenna mounting specialty applications and other antenna mounting. The 5-foot length antenna super mast is designed to hold and stabilize the TV antenna while the mount holds the mast which is installed on its rooftop location. This weather resistant strong and durable antenna mast can handle the extreme outdoor conditions that pelts its way. Ready to install the Channel Master CH-1805 antenna mast is constructed with high tensile steel tubing with a powder coat finish that has a 1.25" outer diameter making this antenna mast 50% stronger than high carbon steel masting of the same diameter.


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