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Dreamlink T1 Plus IPTV Set Top Box Smart TV

Welcome to the future of Android products.  The new Dreamlink T1 Plus IPTV Set Top Box Smart TV offers an endless world of entertainment just by connecting it to your TV’s HDMI port.  The new Google Play Store feature allows you to download countless applications, so you can customize your box.  Dreamlink T1 Plus is the first to add the Smart TV to the already well known IPTV set-top box function; making this box incredible versatile and at the same time simple. Sit and enjoy your favorite content from apps such as CraveTV, Shomi, YouTube, Netflix, and more.  The new versions  of Kodi XBMC are also available through the market place and the Aptoide market place.


One thing we like to emphasize is simplicity, that is why we have kept the previous menu options in this box.  If you have owned a Dreamlink T1 before, you will find Dreamlink T1 Plus IPTV Set Top Box Smart TV as easy to set up as the previous unit; however, T1 Plus comes with a lot of new features that will make you fall in love with the box.

Never miss a show again

Did you miss a show , movie or sport event?  Not problem, just use the Catch Up TV function. The catch up tv option allows you to go back in the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) and play back the show you missed; by adding the advantage that you can now use the video keys to pause, fast forward, rewind and stop.  It is like a DVD. As a result, you will be in control of the time you want to use to watch TV.

True PVR and time shift.  Now you can record and store in any storage device, all the shows you love (including your favourite sport events in 4K ) and watch them whenever you want. Finally there is an IPTV box that does PVR.
Instant recording and reserved recording. Now you can start a recording with the touch of a button and play back it later, or you can go to the EPG and schedule a recording the same way you will do with a Dreamlink T5.  Thanks to this, you can record programs faster and manage your shows easily. This is especially relevant because is very easy to select the show from the guide and hit the recording button than go into a complicated menu to set the recording.

Remote control

Dreamlink T1 Plus comes now with a remote control that also includes a learning key. Consequently you do not have to use a separate remote control for your TV.  The learning feature will work with any TV, so you can control the basic functions of your TV with your T1’S remote control.

Now Dreamlink Team has release the new AirSync app for Dreamlink T1 plus. Once you install it you will be able to use any android mobile devise like your Phone or Tablet as Remote Control, Game Joystick or simply to watch the content you see on the Dreamlink T1 plus in your mobile device. Download from the “Resources” link at the bottom  of the page.


More Information

  • Enjoy a huge range of content, including over 2400 free TV channels  and movies, sports, games, radio, and more, with the fully optimized channels library from Dream TV pro.
  • Easy set up, just plug it into an HDMI port on your TV, connect it to your WiFi network, and start casting.
  • Dreamlink T1 Plus IPTV Set Top Box Smart TV has super fast channel change opposite to other IPTV boxes as a result of the high speed of the Quad core Mali450 processor.
  • Constant support. Dreamlink T1 plus and also DOL will update themselves every time there is new software available, as a result you do not have to spend time looking for updates.

Your Dreamlink T1 plus contains

  • Dreamlink T1 Plus.
  • User Manual.
  • Power supply
  • HDMI Cable
  • Batteries
  • Learning Remote Control


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