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Wintronic Computers Plus

Passive Video Balun
Screw-in Terminal- 1Channel
Part Number: 23-8201


Our Price   $11.99




Video Balun enables the transmission of video using ordinary unshielded twisted pair (UTP) wire instead of coaxial cable. UTP cable is less expensive than coax cable. It can extend transmission distances which transmits a monochrome video signal up to 1,200 feet via UTP CAT5 cable. Video Baluns also can work over existing UTP cabling. If you already have structured cabling systems, you can simply connect one balun to each end of the cable. This video balun transceiver is both cost-effective and user-friendly in installation and use.


  • Screw-in terminal connection, too-less installation in less than 1 minute
  • Color video up to 1,312ft (400m) with passive transceiver via UTP cat 5e/6 cables
  • Color video up to 2,296ft (700m) with active receiver via UTP cat 5e/6 cables
  • Built-in TVS for surge protection


  • Security monitoring systems
  • Multimedia network teaching systems
  • Medical monitoring display systems
  • Industrial automation control systems
  • Banking, securities and financial information display systems
  • Remote network server monitoring
  • Department store security
  • Casino security
  • Hospitals, airports and banks
  • School campuses

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