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GT-Sat Dual KU Band Circular High Quality LNB
Dual Head LNB for 119 & 118.8°W(L Type)- Low Phase Noise- (GT-TDCIR40)
Part Number: GT-TCIR40


Our Price   $24.99



The GT Sat Twin Circular LNBF GT-TCIR40 is a super high quality LNB with very low noise figure (0.2dB), giving the best signal and picture quality. This LNB can receive the 118.7 & 119 signals at the same time so you can run two receivers from this LNB both having the 118.7 and 119 signals. It is a special circular LNB that has a low frequency of 10,750. It receives both signals using 33" dish.
This LNB is designed to stand up to the harshest weather conditions.



 Input Frequency Range  High Band : 11.7 ~ 12.75 GHz
 Output Frequency Range  750 ~ 2,000 MHz
 L.O. Frequency  10.75 GHz
 L.O. Frequency Stability  +/-1 MHz (Max)@ Room Temp.
 Local Oscillator Frequency Phase Noise  -60dBc/Hz @ 1KHz (Max.)
 -85dBc/Hz @ 10KHz (Max.)
 -105dBc/Hz @ 100KHz (Max.)
 Noise Figure  0.2dB (Typ.)
 Conversion Gain   56 ~ 60 dB
 Gain Flatness 26MHz Bandwidth  +/-0.5dB (Typ.)
 Operating Voltage   RHCP 11.0 ~ 14.0 Vdc

 LHCP 16.0 ~ 20.0 Vdc
 Cross-Pol. Isolation   25 dB (Typ.)
 Image Rejection   40 dB (Min.)
 Current Consumption   190 mA (Typ.)
 Output Connector Type  75 Ohm F-Female 
 Output Spurious  <-60dBm
 Operating Temperature Range   -40�C ~ +65�C
 Storage Temperature Range   -45�C ~ +70�C



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