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Wintronic Computers Plus

Channel Master CM 9521A Antenna Rotator System with Infra-Red Remote Control with 100 ft. Cable
Part Number: CM 9521A


Our Price   $174.99


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* Compatible With Most Universal Remote Controls (including satellite)
* Non-Volatile Memory Holds Locations During Power Failures
* Automatic Synchronization Ensures Pinpoint Position Accuracy
* Direct Access via TV Channel Number or Digital Compass Location
* Unobtrusive Control Blends With Any Dcor
* One-Piece Cast Aluminum Housing
* Heavy-Duty Rotator Motor
* Wind-Tested Brake Pads
* Durable Powder-Coat Paint Finish
* Precision-Cut Gear System
* Built-In Steel Thrust Bearings
Additional Information
A Rotor or Rotator is a mast-mounted motor-driven device that permits the TV viewer to conveniently rotate (orient) the outdoor antenna in any direction to optimize reception of a desired TV channel. A rotor should be considered when TV signals are being derived from broadcast towers in different directions and a single antenna cannot accommodate all locations.
A rotator consists of two parts 1) an indoor control unit and 2) an outdoor drive unit. The two are connected via a multi-conductor wire that carries the voltage and control signals from the indoor unit to the outdoor drive unit.

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