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Wintronic Computers Plus

13.3'' WXGA LED Panel
Call in for Specific Notebook Model
Part Number: LED-133-05


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If your laptop LCD display is not clearly cracked, there are other factors in diagnosing a screen that is not working. There are three parts that make up the LCD screen image, the LCD data cable, the FL inverter and the LCD display screen. If you have a dim screen, either the LCD cable is bad and is not getting power to the inverter (that powers the bulb), or the FL inverter is bad and is not getting power to the bulb, or the bulb inside the LCD is bad and the LCD display needs to be replaced. Make sure there is 6V of power going through the LCD inverter before you replace the LCD display. If you are unsure which replacement LCD display is right for your laptop, feel free to Contact US or call us at 1-(905) 333-6637 and one of our sales representative will be happy to assist you in making sure you get the right LCD display that is 100% compatiable with your laptop screen.


Additional Information

Part  Number LED-133-05
Size 13.3''
Type Laptop LCD Screen
Resolution WXGA 1280 x 800
Condition Original, Brand New
Warranty 90 days exchange warranty
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