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Philips 8X 8.5GB DVD+R Dual Layer 50-pack
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Philips DR8S8B25F/17 25-Pack 8.5GB 8X DVD+R Double Layer
Philips the innovator of CD and DVD technologies offers one of the most complete ranges of CD & DVD recordable media. They are available in more than 20 added-value packaging variations. These high capacity recording DVD+R's almost doubles the capacity of a single layer DVD+R disc and are the best quality for preserving your valuable data on DVD. With these Philips DVD+R's you're getting ultimate convenience since you're able to access your data on most existing DVD-ROM players - one disc for all applications bringing environments together.


Philips DR8S8B25F/17 25 Pack 8X DVD+R DL Spindle Type DVD

Format DVD+R

Capacity 8.5 GB

Pack 25

Max Speed 8X

Packaging Spindle




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