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Wintronic Computers Plus


           Wintronic Computers Plus  is leveraging its leadership position in the performance workstation and computer industry to introduce a new concept and educate businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and system integrators that they no longer have to settle for “status quo.”


          You deserve better, you deserve a Wintronics. No longer do customers need to settle for mediocre performance with off-shore support, or inferior quality with ineffective and uncaring customer service.


          WINTRONICS prides itself on 4 essential pillars of business: superior performance, innovation, quality, and customer service & support. These are the WINTRONICS “differentiators.” These are the basic business elements forgotten by the multi-national commodity builders that we provide to all of our customers, big or small. These are the essential reasons why you should purchase your system from WINTRONICS. Most importantly, the key differentiator that separates us from the rest of the pack is our singular focus on excellence and quality. This is the “glue” that bonds our success. This is the secret ingredient of our DNA, and this is the essence we continually strive for everyday so that you can conduct business with us with confidence.





     Educational Institutes:






           Wintronic Computers Plus deals with all educational institutesin in providing with the systems that meet and exceed their requirements and budgets.

           For more information or Quotations Please contact:


Phone: (905) 333 6637





    Corporate Sales:



           Wintronic Computers Plus provides both  standard and customized system configurations for corporate purchasing and also any components or network solutions.

            If your company is looking for performance, quality, and the best customer service and support then Wintronic Computers is your vendor of choice. Please contact us to explore a business relationship with MAINGEAR or to find out more about how we can assist you with your computer system requirements with competitive pricing.

          We have dedicated sales representative for Corporate sales in all of our locations.


Head Office ( Burlington):


Ash Din / Sam Khan / Adnan Khan

Phone: (905) 333 6637





Scott  Wolfe

Phone: (905) 685 0666





Ron Din

Phone: (905) 578 1771






Andrew  Chajkowski

Phone: (905) 281 0204






Rashid Mahmood

Phone: (905) 734 6500






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