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On April 1st, 2009, Ontario Electronic Stewardship (OES) implemented the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Program Plan under the Waste Diversion Act. This program allows for the recycling and safe disposal of electronic equipment throughout the province.

The program requires fees to be remitted on certain electrical and electronic equipment (EEE material) supplied in Ontario. Collected fees will be used by OES to operate the WEEE program. All invoices you receive from Wintronic Computers Plus for EEE material supplied in Ontario will include a separate line-item charge for these fees.


Fee Schedule

2021 EPRA Ontario Recycling Fee


      Fees ($/unit)
Display Devices ≤ 29" Screen Computer Monitors $9.00
Display Devices <18" $9.00
Display Device 18"-29" $9.00
All-in-One (AIO) Computers $9.00
> 30" - 45" Screen Displays > 30"- 45" $18.00
Displays > 46" $32.00
Desktop Computers     $2.00
Portable Computers     $1.25
Computer Peripherals Mice $0.75
Keyboards $0.75
Hard Drives $0.75
Optical Drives $0.75
Modems $0.75
Printing, Copying and Multi-Function Devices Desktop Printing, Copying and Multi-Function Devices   $3.50
Floor-Standing Printing Devices 50 - 250KG   $25.00
Floor-Standing Copying and Multi-Function Devices   $25.00
Telephones and Telephone Answering Machines   $2.00
Cellular Devices and Pagers   $0.50
Image, Audio and Video Devices Personal/Portable $0.75
Home/Non-Portable $7.10
Home Theatre in a Box (HTB) $2.00
Aftermarket Vehicle $2.00


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