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Wintronic Computers Plus


          Wintronic Computers Plus is proud to be the Authorized Warranty Service Provider for the following:


  • 1- Lenovo/IBM

  • 2- Asus





          Wintronic Computers  has enjoyed a committed relationship with Lenovo and their enterprise class product portfolio. We have successfully integrated countless units in large, medium and small businesses throughout. Our IBM Service Authorizations have allowed Wintronic Computers to deliver end-to-end customer service for customers of all sizes.

           Wintronic Computers Plus is a Lenovo IBM authorized warranty service centre for ThinkPad notebooks, laptops and Thinkpad Tablet computers in Burlington Ontario.

         Call us now the check the warranty status of your Lenovo ThinkPad Laptop or Tablet if you require Lenovo Authorized Service.


We provide:


          Lenovo authorized in warranty and out-of-warranty service, repair and maintenance for Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks and Lenovo Thinkpad Tablets.

         You can be confident that Wintronic Computers Plus has the knowledge and resources to provide you with the hardware and software service you need for your Lenovo warranty issues.


Highlights of our Lenovo warranty services:


  • Problem determination with parts and labor coverage for ThinkPad notebooks and Thinkpad Tablets.
  • Burlington onsite service coverage
  • Telephone access to our technical support specialists
  • Canada-based warehouse for fast parts delivery


How to get warranty service for your ThinkPad Simply bring your Lenovoe into our Burlington repair centre or call us at (905) 333-6637 with the system part number and serial number.


1) We first check the status of you existing warranty.

2) Our Lenovo trained technicians then determine the computers problem.

3) We then perform the repair or order required parts direct from Lenovo. Or we go onsite to your location if your warranty is onsite service.

4) We call you to pick-up your computer.












          Wintronic Computers Plus is now Asus notebook authorized service providers in Canada. We have trained personnel who know how to correctly diagnose and repair your ASUS notebook PC. We only use ASUS certified parts for the repair. By using an ASUS authorized service provider, you can be assured your notebook PC will be repaired correctly.


How to schedule a Repair:

          If your notebook needs a repair, you can contact ASUS notebook technical support (1-888-678-3688, 24/7 except holidays) or Wintronic Computers Plus @ Following numbers and  our technical staff will guide you.

  • Wintronic Computers Plus- Burlington:        905-333 6637
  • Wintronic Computers Plus- St. Catharines:  905-685 0666
  • Wintronic Computers Plus- Hamilton:          905-578 1771
  • Wintronic Computers Plus- Mississauga:     905-281 0204
  • Wintronic Computers Plus- Guelph:             519-837 0440
  • Wintronic Computers Plus- Welland:            905-734 6500
  • Wintronic Computers Plus- Oakville:            905-815 8298


Preparing the notebook PC for Service Repair:

          By sending your ASUS notebook PC to ASUS or bringing to Wintronic Computers Plus to be repaired, you agree to the following conditions: It is your responsibility to backup your data. This includes hard drives, ROM chips, flash cards, etc. ASUS or Wintronic Computers Plus engineers have requested that if possible both diagnostics and the recovery be run before sending the notebook PC in to service for any reason. During the repair process "your hard drive will be re-imaged if it fails Quality Assurance Testing", and in this event you will not have the opportunity to retrieve your data once the repair is complete. All BIOS passwords should be removed before shipment. In cases where ASUS or Wintronic Computers Plus receives units with passwords, they will be cleared, but this will delay the repair of the unit.

          NOTE: The terms of warranty for your specific notebook may vary. Please consult the documentation that came with your ASUS product for complete and specific information. Unfortunately, ASUS notebooks sold at BestBuy are not currently elgible for service by Wintronic Computers Plus, so these customers should contact ASUS directly through the ASUS notebook technical support line (1-888-678-3688, 24/7 except holidays) to arrange service.

What you should include with the notebook PC:

          Include accessories ONLY if it would help the technician determine the issue with your unit. This includes PCMCIA cards, DVD, and CD-ROM drives, AC adapters, additional third-party RAM, secondary or optional batteries, sync cables, etc. Please do NOT include DVD movies, Software CDs, Music CDs, port replicators, mini docks, external monitors, product manuals, or carrying cases. Please make a list of any accessories you are including with your unit. Please also provide on this note your name, phone number, and address, along with your case number and RMA number. If any discrepancies are noted at the service provider, you will be contacted immediately.


How long will the repair take?

          Repairs generally take 3 business days. Due to parts back orders, shipping issues, or circumstances beyond Wintronic Computers Plus's control your repair may require additional time. In these situations, you will be notified by our technical Engineer.







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