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Flash Memory Recovery


The loss of irreplaceable memories and photos from a digital camera can be devastating. Unfortunately, due to their small size and frequent use, memory cards are especially vulnerable to failure.

The loss of data from a Compact Flash, Secure Digital (SD), or xD memory card is usually caused by either:


Accidental formatting or deletion. When your memory card has been formatted, it is vital not to save any more information on the card, as this may impede data recovery by overwriting the original photos.


Physically failed hardware. Wintronic is one of the few companies able to perform recoveries on physically damaged memory cards by working directly with the memory chip, which is often the only way to recover the data.

Wintronic Data specializes in recovering digital photos and data files from:

  • Compact Flash (CF)

  • Secure Digital (SD)

  • Smart Media (SM)

  • Memory Stick (MS)

  • XD Memory Cards

  • Multimedia

  • ...and more!


Memory Cards


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