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Wintronic Computers Plus


          Wintronic Computers Plus is a company built on integrity dedication and loyal clients. Our longstanding record of 15 years in the computer industry has built longterm and trusting partnerships with manufacturers and clients throughout Ontario,Quebec,British Columbia.

          At Wintronic Computers we still believe in individual and personalized service for all our clients no matter what their budget.

          Wintronic Computers pride itself to offer following services for the convenience of our Customers.




1- Computer Repair:


  • Computer/PC & Laptop Optimization:

              Boost your computers by at least 50% with our optimization services. By improving your computers start-up time and performance you will be able to get more work done on your computer and spend less time getting frustrated with your system

  • Hardware Installation:

              Don’t struggle with installing your new computer hardware and making sure it works correctly, our qualified technician will install it and ensure its optimized for your system.

  • Software Installation:

               Have a new program to install? We’ll ensure you don’t install any unnecessary components or miss something important that should have been installed.

  • Computer Checkup/Diagnosis:

               Ever wonder if something is wrong with your computer, but don’t want to spend the money to get it checked. Use our Free computer checkup service!

  • Virus/Spyware Removal:

               Our Technicians can clean the spyware and remove the annoying viruses, pop-ups, and spyware slowing your computer down. It doesn't matter what state your computer is in, even if it won't boot!

               In the very worst circumstances, if we cannot remove the virus, and your PC cannot be effectively cleaned, we can save your data and restore your PC to its normal operating state.

  • Operating System Installation:

               Installation of your operating system whether it be Windows™, Mac™ or Linux™

  • Data Recovery:

              Computer won’t start? Important files stored on your hard drive that you just must have.  Our Data Recovery service can recover your vital information.

  • Data Transfer:

              Got a new computer, need files and folders from your old computer. We can transfer your files and folders worry free. Even our skilled technicians can move all your programs and data to your new computers in a way that all your settings and environment will remain the same on your new computer.

  • New Computer Setup:

              Getting a new computer? Want to make sure everything's working properly, up to date, and set up so you can use it easily? No problem! We'll have your computer set up exactly the way you want it.

  • Network Installation:

              We can install that new network router, wireless router or switch with the correct settings to ensure reliable service.

  • System Recovery Disc:

              Have you ever had to recover your computer from the disc sent to you by the manufacturer?  How many hours did it take for you to remove the demo software you don’t want and install the software you need?  With our custom System Recovery Disc service, you can create a custom recovery disc to restore the computer to the way you like it, not the way the manufacturer does.


2. Laptop Repair:  


We are Authorized Service Provider for Lenovo/IBM and Asus

We service all brands of laptops/Netbooks/TabletPcs HP, Compaq, Dell, Toshiba, IBM, Lenovo, Gateway, Acer, eMachines, Asus, Panasonic, Sony, Fujitsu, LG.

Full software & hardware troubleshooting services available

We can fix following problems....
  • DC Jack Repair
  • Virus cleaning / Virus removal / Virus cleanup
  • Power connector loose or broken
  • Broken LCD Panel (Dropped or stepped on)
  • Bad Motherboard or Video Card
  • Keyboard not working (Spilled coffee / wine or juice)
  • Keys Missing on Keyboard need replacing
  • Computer speed or performance has slowed.
  • Dead Motherboard (No Power)
  • Overheating and Shutting Down
  • Dim LCD Screen - screen not bright
  • Computer system freezes 
  • "Blue screen of death"
  • The computer keeps on rebooting again and again
  • Noises and vibrations,
  • Spyware and Viruses
  • Your browser home page changed itself
  • Dataloss and Backup Data-Recovery
  • Motherboard Repair
  • LCD Replacement/Backlight Inverter replacement
  • Touchpad Replacement
  • Keyboard Replacement
  • Over-heating issues




3. Mac/Apple Laptop & Desktop Repair

          At Wintronic Computers Plus, one of our specialties is the service of our experienced technicians who employ the most advanced diagnostic tools and applications to troubleshoot and repair even the most complicated issue pertaining to your Apple computer repair like memory and motherboard issues, hard drive problems, and CPU issues. With several years of experience in the Apple computer repair field, we repair and upgrade almost every laptop and desktop computers.

          Included in our broad range of Apple computer repair services are:

  • Identifying and repairing the causes of system crashes and lock ups
  • Apple Logic board repair and replacement
  • Mac power supply repair and replacement
  • Power jack and power cord repair
  • Mac laptop LCD screen replacement
  • Backlight repair and replacement
  • Keyboard and Touchpad repair and replacement
  • Mac Memory (RAM) upgrade
  • CPU repair and upgrade
  • Hard drive upgrade and replacement
  • Case replacement
  • Mac data recovery and transfer
  • Data security Mac OS X maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Resolving Internet related issues
  • Software troubleshooting and upgrade
  • Wired and Wireless networking



4. Data Recovery Services:


          As a small or medium sized business owner, you know the importance of saving your businesses critical files such as e-mails, accounting information, payroll documents, employee documents etc.

          We have taken Backup Solutions and Servers to a whole new level. Our latest product for secure business backup solutions has been designed, built and thoroughly tested in the field with amazing results.
Computer Support

          For small and medium sized businesses our redesigned back up service is the most cost effective backup solution that houses server capabilities and includes:

  • Fully automated and user friendly
  • Completely maintenance free
  • Includes on site setup and training
  • Offsite backup for additional protection
  • Automatically updated with email notifications on backup status
  • Unlimited desktop connections
  • Full file sharing capabilities centralizing data
  • Remote access through VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Built in UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to protect against power outages

Not Sure Why You Should Backup Data On Your Network?

  • More data is being stored in smaller spaces. Today's hard drives store 500 times more data than previous generations of computers. Increasing storage capacities amplifies the impact of data loss, making mechanical precision more critical.

  • Data has become more mission critical; hospital patient record, a graduate school thesis, personal finance and tax information and payroll records. Users today are storing more information electronically than ever. The loss of mission critical data can have staggering financial and legal ramifications on businesses and personal users.

  • Backup tools and techniques are not 100% reliable. Most computer users rely on backups as their safety net in the event of data loss (a recommended practice). Ontrack research indicates that 80 percent of its data loss customers regularly back up their data, only to find them less than adequate at the critical moment they need to restore them. Backups assume that hardware and storage media are in working order, that the data is not corrupted, and that your backup is recent enough to provide full recovery. In reality, hardware and software do fail and backups don't always contain current enough data.

           Most small businesses don't have a backup plan that fully protects them.

For more information on pricing and installation please call us anytime.


5. Backup Solutions:


           Losing vital data is a very stressful experience that can lead to unnecessary worry, lost time, and lost revenue. The most effective data recovery is the one you never have to perform, and for that reason Wintronic Computers strongly recommends investing in a backup solution.
Data Recovery

           If, however, you do find yourself in the position of having overwritten or deleted data, rest assured that in most cases it can still be restored.
           If you have inadvertently deleted vital data, had a hard drive crash, or are in any other situation resulting in possible data loss, the first and most important step is to turn the computer off and leave it off. Next, call the Wintronic Computers professionals to perform a data recovery for you. The more time the computer is left on after the suspected data loss, the smaller the chances for recovering what you need.

            Wintronic Computer utilizes industry leading techniques for data recovery, while keeping costs to a minimum. Call today for a free consultation!



6. Game Console Repair:

Has Your Game Console Stopped Working?

Don't Worry, Put Down The Controller And Bring It Into Us!

We Have All The Expertise And Equipment To Repair PlayStation 3 & PSP,  XBOX 360, Nintento Wii & DS.

You'll Be Back Gaming In No Time.







7. Cell Phone Repairs:

            Wintronic Computers Plus offers the most reliable and cost effective cell phone repair solutions. We specialize in the repair of following:

  • iPhone
  • Blackberry
  • Cell Phone Unlocking:

    Our Most mobile phones are locked to the network provider they were purchased from, so if you were considering changing your network or travelling abroad with your phone you will have to get your phone unlocked.

    We unlock most models of Cell Phone.

Cell Phone Unlocking



  • Cracked Screen Replacement:

    We replace cracked/brocken screen and digitizer for iphone and blackberry.


Cracked iphone screen

Cracked Blackberry Screen



  • Battery Replacement:

    We replace battery for iphones and Blackberry.

iPhone Battery Replacement





  • Keypad, Buttons etc:

    We replace keyboards, Digitizers, and Common buttons and keys for both iphone and Blackberry.

iPhone Parts

Blackberry Parts





8. Security/Survelliance Installation:

           We offer professional security camera installation service on all our DVR's and Cameras.
In-store and on site system training along with security dvr system, camera and lens maintenance.

            Wintronic Computers digital security video surveillance systems are being installed in the following applications.

  • Commercial office buildings and campuses 

  • Residential Homes and Home Owner Associations

  • Multi-unit apartment properties 

  • Construction sites 

  • Industrial and manufacturing 

  • Financial institutions 

  • Commercial businesses

  • Telecommunications 

  • Retail and wholesale businesses

  • Warehousing and supply chain management

  • Information technology management 

  • Casinos, Restaurant Bars, and Nightclubs





Monitor Operations

Remotely View Activities and Events "LIVE" over via Internet or PDA Phone
• Verify Presence of Employees, Customers and Vendors
• Monitor Entrances, Exits, Parking Lots, Loading Docks
• Insure Safety of Employees and Customers
• Monitor Access
• Verify Burglary Alarms and Reduce False Alarms


• Monitor Shoplifters and Vandals
• Reduce Potential Incidents Involving Employees

Improve Employee Performance

• Improve Employee Productivity
• Monitor Interaction with Customers
• Track Staffing Assignments


• Reduce Property Damage
• Identify Perpetrators
• Monitor Vulnerable Areas Such As Those Under Construction


• Reduce Incidents and Insurance Premiums
• Assist In Resolution of Claims










9. Leasing Options:

           A lease is a contractual arrangement in which a leasing company (lessor) gives a customer (lessee) the right to use its equipment for a specified length of time (lease term) and payment (usually monthly). Depending on the lease structure, the customer can either purchase, return, or continue to lease the equipment at the end of the lease term.


           For the business owner, there are two primary types of leases that determine tax benefits:

1) operating or true leases and

2) capital or finance leases.

          A lease is usually considered a true lease if, at the end of the lease term, the lessee has the option to purchase the equipment at fair market value (FMV). Conversely, if the lease agreement contains a bargain purchase option, such as $10 or 10 percent of the original purchase price, it would be treated as a finance lease. Always consult a tax advisor to determine lease treatment and for advice on which lease structure is most appropriate for you and your customers.


Fair Market Value Buyout (FMV)

           This lease structure normally provides the lowest lease payment and normally qualifies as an operating or true lease. (Consult a tax adviser to verify proper tax and accounting treatment.) At the end of the term, the lessee has the option to purchase the equipment for its fair market value as determined at that point in time. This structure is ideal if the expected useful life of the equipment is equal to the lease term, the lessee desires the lowest monthly payment possible or the lessee desires the maximum tax benefits.


            Other options are available, such as $10 and 10% buyouts. Contact our Leasing Desk for more information at 1 905-333-6637. OR fill out leasing application and get approved in 4 hours.
Under all types of leases, the lessee has the option to purchase the equipment, return the equipment or extend the lease at the end of the term.



10. On Site Services:

            A Our mission at On-Site PC Services is simple. Commercial or Residential, we are here to provide the customer with an affordable and practical Computer Repair Solution.

            Anything from Virus/Spyware Removal to Laptop Repairs, we work to provide you with a cost effective computer repair solution that not only makes sense technically but also financially.

           Many computer repair companies only focus on one thing - that is achieving thier numbers without questioning quality of service. Our A+ Certified Computer technicians do not sacrifice Quality Service for Volume. We work hard to provide you with a high level of Computer and Laptop Repair Services to improve any small businees or home office environment.

Residential On Site Services:

            At On-Site PC Services we are here to answer your questions and work with you on all your Computer needs!!

Wireless Network Setup:

  1. Includes setup and installation of Wireless router.
  2. Includes installation of wireless client software.
  3. Firmware Updates on Router.
  4. Training on how to work with wireless connections.
  5. Locking down your wireless network with secure encryption.
  6. File and Print Sharing Setup

Virus/Spyware Removal:

  1. Installation of spyware and malware removal applications.
  2. Installation of  Anti-Virus application.
  3. Clean-up of all temporary files and rogue start-up programs
  4. Removal of all spyware applications from program list.
  5. Training on how to prevent future spyware or Virus Attacks.

Full System Reload and Data Backup:

  1. Data Backed Up (Includes MyDocs, Favorites, Email)
  2. System formatted and re-loaded with Original Operating System.
  3. Installation of Anti-Virus application.
  4. Data Transferred back over.
  5. Installation of spyware and malware removal applications.
  6. Installation of any printers that you may have at your location.

New System Optimization and Virus Prevention:

  1. Removal of unwnated junk applications
  2. Clean-up of start-up items and that slow down system.
  3. Installation of Anti-Virus application.
  4. Installation of spyware and malware removal applications.
  5. Installation of any printers that you may have at your location.

Commercial On Site Services:

          Wintronic Computers  professionals can help you with all of your IT requirements. Our professionals provide all levels of troubleshooting, prompt service at reasonable rates.

           Whether it is help with your laptop or desktop, virus removal from your system, trouble connecting to the internet, or installing small business networks, PC Service On Site is there to serve you at your convenience and on your budget.




11. On Site Service Contract:

          In addition to a full line of IT hardware and software,Wintronic Computers Plus offers a comprehensive roster of technology services designed to help you save time and resources.

Lower Costs and Optimize IT
           Wintronic Computers Plus provides a comprehensive suite of IT Lifecycle solutions to lower total cost of ownership of IT assets. The Insight Integration solutions provide a cost effective alternative to performing simple to complex integration tasks on the IT equipment you purchase to run your business.

Reduce Rollout Cost
           Wintronic Computers Plus Integration Services can perform the complex tasks of software imaging, hardware configuration and user preparation within our state-of-the-art Integration Labs at a substantially lower cost than performing the same tasks at your own facility.

Simplify Deployment
           Wintronic Computers Plus solutions empower you to successfully deploy new technology with true plug-and-play convenience, simplifying the work to be performed in the field, and enhancing the overall experience for the end user.

Discover the benefits of integrating your IT purchase through Wintronic Computers Plus.

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improve end-user experience
  • Enable plug-and-play options for deployment

  • Reduce initial installation failures

Optimize the value of your IT assets, while minimizing the overall total cost of ownership with Wintronic Computers Integration services.

Advanced Integration and Custom Configuration
            Wintronic Computers Plus Advanced Integration and Custom Configuration services provide a cost-effective alternative to performing simple and complex integration tasks on the IT equipment you purchase. Our specialists augment your current IT staff resources to deliver solutions that are compatible with your existing infrastructure right out of the box. Your business benefits from:

  • Simplified IT rollouts
  • Augmented IT resources
  • Minimal business interruption
  • Scalable configurations set for growth
  • Protection against DOA products and failures



12. E-Waste Collection:

          Electronic waste (ewaste) and its toxic materials, including lead and mercury from old computers, is globally the fastest growing waste stream - posing a potential toxic hazard to the environment.

           Recycling ewaste allows these elements to be disposed of safely – rather than letting them leach into the soils of our landfills which may lead to environmental or health problems.

          Wintronic Computers Plus teamed up with Ontario Electronic Stewardship ( O.E.S.) to provide ewaste collection facility on all of it's locations for home and personal ewaste as well as for Businesses.


           You don't need to make any appointment just bring in your ewaste during our working hours.

For more information of ewaste:




13. Video Conversion Services:


           Remember those old video cassettes of someone’s special wedding or other magical event? How about the long since seen cherished 8mm or Super 8 films in which the family would sit and enjoy for hours? Recall those beautiful slides & photo's you took many moons ago? Now is the time to protect & enjoy your treaures.

Cassette to DVD Conversion:


  • VHS, VHS-C, SVHS, Mini DV, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8 
  • Uncompressed Capture
  • High Quality Digital Encoding
  • Output To Editable DVD (DV, MPEG, MPEG4 - AVC) & Authored DVD
  • Quality DVD-R Media For Compatibility
  • Optional Hard Drive Transfer - Customer Supplied




Film to DVD

Film to DVD Transfers:


  • 8mm and Super 8mm
  • Frame by Frame Transfer (8mm & Super 8 Film)
  • Full Frame Capture
  • Accurate Playback Speeds  
  • High Quality Digital Encoding 
  • Output to Mini Editable DVD (DV, MPEG, MPEG4 - AVC) & Authored DVD 
  • Quality DVD-R Media For Compatibility
  • Optional Hard Drive Transfer - Customer Supplied 


35mm slides to DVD

35mm slides, Negatives & Photo's to DVD :

  • Image Orientation
  • 35mm Slides, Negatives & Medium Format 2000 - 4000 DPI Scans 
  • Photos 300 - 600 DPI Scans
  • DVD SlideShow
  • Optional Hard Drive Transfer - Customer Supplied



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