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Wintronic Computers Plus



An Advantage Care Plan offers you protection, convenience, value and peace of mind. It’s an affordable way to protect your investment.

Product Replacement Plan Benefits:

  • Transferable for easy gift giving: Should you sell your product or give as a gift, you can transfer the coverage to the new owner, at no charge, simply by mailing us the details. This significantly increases the resale value of your product!
  • Replace your defective product with a new product of your choice - No need to wait for repairs … we’ll replace it instead!


Cost For Store Product Replacement Plan

Cost for 2 Years Store Product Replacement Plan is 10% of the Product Cost. For extra 5% you can add one more year to the Plan.

Here are few Examples.


Item Price 2 Year Plan 3 Year Plan
Hard Drive $ 50.00 $5.00 $7.50
Video Card $ 350.0 $ 35.00 $52.50
Wireless Router $89.99 $8.99 $13.49
Memory $75.00 $7.5 $11.25
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