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Digiwave ANT7293 360 Degree Adjustable Multidirectional Super 8 Bay HDTV Antenna
OTA-Over the Air
Part Number: ANT7293


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360 degree adjustable directional antenna
Strong performance across (channels 2-69) best for UHF spectrum (21-69)
Versatile high gain multi - bay antenna
Efficient design allows tremendous gain in a compact size
Designed to resist extreme wind loading
Works great in attics
Fits easily & high gain can help overcome loss from roofing materials.
All weather Balun included
Great within 70 miles or more from transmitters
Intended for people at great distances from the transmitters
Excellent reception for digital terrestrial
Suitable for HDTV of various television standards such as American ATSC European DVB etc.
Super strong design suitable for all kind the weather

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